The Afrinvest Plutus Fund

Benefits of Investing in the Fund

Professionally managed:

our team of highly skilled experts are dedicated to optimise yields on the Fund

Consistent quarterly income:

profits from the fund will be distributed every 3 months which you can reinvest

Capital preservation:

access to a diversified, low-risk portfolio minimises exposure to capital loss

Invest for someone:

you can invest for anyone, anywhere and even for your business

Competitive returns:

leverage on a pool of resources to enjoy greater rewards

Easy entry & exit:

sell or buy units of the Fund at a constant price of N100 at any time you want

How to Invest in the Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

You reserve the right to redeem all or part of your Units held at the Bid Price on any Business Day, provided we receive your redemption documents in accordance with the instructions specified by the Fund Manager. The Fund will make redemption payments within five (5) Business Days of receipt of the Redemption Notice. No additional charges will be made on Redemption. However, if you redeem your investment before the expiration of the Minimum Investment Period, you forfeit 20% of the returns accrued on such investment.

The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund will be published on a weekly basis. You will also receive a quarterly statement indicating your current holdings and the total value of your investment.

The minimum holding period for an investment in the Fund is ninety-one (91) calendar days from the date of subscription. However, if you wish to redeem your investment before this time, you will forfeit 20% of the returns accrued on such investment.

The Fund shall invest a maximum of 100% in quality money market instruments with a minimum tenor of 30 days and a maximum tenor of 366 days. The proposed allocation is as follows: 60% short-term fixed income securities (T-Bills and OMO); 35% unsubordinated short-term debt securities (Bankers Acceptances, Certificates of Deposit, and Commercial Papers); and 5% cash.

You may receive Dividends and Distributions from the net income of the Fund on a quarterly basis provided the Fund makes a profit in the quarter or financial year in respect of which such Distributions are made. You, therefore, have the option to elect to be paid such Dividends or to reinvest the Dividends in new Units at the Offer Price. If you elect to have the Dividends reinvested in new Units, you shall be entitled to an issue of Units that are equal in value to the amount you otherwise would have received in cash as Dividends.

If you live outside Nigeria, please download the Subscription Form after you have carefully read and understood the Prospectus.

About the Fund Manager

Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (AAML) is a leading independent Fund/Portfolio Manager in Nigeria.
It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Afrinvvest West Africa Limited. Withover 20 years' experience in wealth management.

Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (AAML) has been able to deliver, over the years, world class Asset management services to our clients
through a diversified multi class approach by constructing investment portfolios in accordance with pre-agreed risk reward criteria.

Our tailored services include individual managed accounts, mutual funds and investment Advisory Services.

AAML is the Fund Manager of 2 listed Mutual Funds including the Nigeria International Debt Fund and Afrinvest Equity Fund.
These Funds take into consideration the investment objectives of the subscribers and are tailored to meet those objectives.

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